Bertie & Charlie – Go Up The Hill for Jack & Jill

Friday, November 25, 2022. 1:50pm
Bertie & Charlie - Go Up The Hill for Jack & Jill

Bertie & Charlie – Go Up The Hill

Bertie Bear and his cousin Charlie Bear always come to stay at The Europe Hotel & Resort around Christmas time. As well as the family getting together, the two cousins like to do something to help others less fortunate. One morning they decided to take a walk through the Gap of Dunloe and talk about who they might help this year.

“All that beautiful scenery and fresh air will inspire us!” said Charlie. They’d been walking in silence for a while, both of them deep in thought, when they stopped at The Wishing Bridge to admire the view. After watching the ripples in the water, Bertie looked up at the hill and said:

“Jack and Jill went up the hill “To fetch a pail of water …”

“What made you think of that?”, Charlie, Bertie asked. “Well first of all, who goes UP a hill to fetch water?” Charlie said, “Water flows down hillsides!” “True …” said Bertie, “But the bit that puzzled me was why a boy would wear a crown climbing a hill! You know:

“Jack fell down and broke his crown “And Jill came tumbling after.”

Charlie laughed, thinking Bertie was joint but he stopped himself. “Actually Bertie, ‘crown’ is another way of saying ‘the hop of your head.’ They both laughed then Charlie suddenly with a big smile on his face.

“I know Bertie!” he said. “Let’s do something for The Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation. They help provide nursing care for sick children so they can stay at home with their families instead of staying in hospital!”

“That’s a great idea Charlie,” said Bertie. “And did you know, the Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation was inspired by a little boy called Jack? His parents worked really hard to keep him at home when he was sick. They wanted to make sure nobody else would have to struggle as hard for their children.”

You can help Bertie, Charlie and their family to raise money for The Jack and Jill Foundation, simply by buying your very own Charlie Bear.

Those who purchase a Charlie Bear will also be entered to win an Overnight Stay at The Europe Hotel & Resort with Dinner, Bed & full Irish Breakfast in a Deluxe Lakeview Room for 2 people sharing.

To donate and receive your Charlie Bear, click here.

To donate only to The Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation, click here.

To find out more about the great work done by The Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation, visit

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