Hotel & Restaurant Times Wishing Success To All Re-opening This Week

Monday, May 31, 2021. 4:56pm
Wishing success to all re-opening this week

Wishing success to all re-opening this week

Let’s support each other

We at Hotel and Restaurant Times would like to wish all those reopening this week every success. The last year has been so challenging and uncertain, so this week marks the first tentative steps in a new normal. The challenges are going to be numerous, from staffing to ensuring the adherence by all so we have no further lockdowns. But the industry has a tremendous offering from the culinary experience to spectacular properties throughout the country, the customers will be spoilt for choice.

To celebrate our local businesses reopening we can share your reopenings through our social channels – feel free to send us your pictures!

Additionally, we can promote your upcoming events for free to help support the industry and boost the restart. We can provide a dedicated page on our website to highlight your upcoming “reopening” events, as-well-as distribution through on social channels.

It’s looking like a promising start, let’s hope it continues. Wishing everyone a great summer – let’s keep the momentum going!

We all need to support each other at this time
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