• Cyril McAree

We Need Each Other...............

As businesses, take their collective first steps in an era previously unknown, it’s important we all support each other.

Hotels and Restaurants are now facing so many more challenges and regulations than before, and building confidence is going to take nerve and guile. From the heady days of 2019 to the ghost towns of 2020, it has been to say the least, extremely difficult. Now the first seeds of recovery are beginning to sprout. The first customers will slowly began to use the plethora of services and offerings from what can only be described as a chameleon industry. Hoteliers and Restaurateurs’ are stepping up to the challenge and will no doubt continue to offer the traditional Irish welcome.

Here at Hotel and Restaurant Times, Ireland’s oldest and most trusted industry publication, we have supported to the best of our ability those within the sector. We now ask that the industry where possible return that backing to us. As a small company we don’t have the luxury of corporate or government backing, and therefore need your help.

We have been an avid and enthusiastic partner to the industry and with our joint efforts hope to continue that well into the future both online and in print. We have no doubt that all of us WILL RISE and prosper together and we will be relying on all businesses connected within the industry for continued and collective backing.

May I take this opportunity to wish each and every individual, business owner, team, trader the very best of luck and let’s do this!

Cyril McAree

Managing Editor

Hotel & Restaurant Times Magazine

Email: - cyril@hotelandrestauranttimes.ie

Tel 01 6285447

Mobile 087 2529328



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