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The PMS Technology Checklist

Budget season is fast approaching, meaning it is imperative that hotels make their budget work harder for them. With the challenges presented by Covid-19, now more than ever will be the time to review your hotel technology solutions to create an agile environment that sets a higher bar of technological excellence moving into the future. To help, the team at Guestline has devised a useful checklist to assist you and your team in reviewing what technology platform would be the best fit for your needs and budget.

At Guestline, we understand that a hotel Property Management System (PMS) should effectively be the lifeblood of your property, controlling and automating any number of hotel operations. Over the years, PMS systems have become much more advanced with cloud offerings, open API’s, and the ability to transform the guest experience. In addition, hoteliers have learned to become more demanding of their providers and are now privileged with the option of being able to select the perfect combination of software functionality that complements the property’s specific needs, which is fully integrated and provides value for money.

Guestline’s Guide to Choosing the Right PMS for your Property is a helpful checklist to assist in reviewing your hotel technology solutions, allowing you to put a strong business case forward to your stakeholders and ensuring department needs are on the table during the budgeting process. From implementing a technology strategy and the impacted cost of ignoring, to the affordability of acquiring a new system and a guide to getting your strategy to the boardroom and over the decision line.

Clio O’Gara, Guestline’s Country Manager for Ireland says: “If your technology stack is outdated or simply does not meet your expectations, the cost of ignoring could be critical to the long-term bottom line of the business. And, given the current pandemic, we know that many elements of your operations will have been adjusted putting renewed pressures on the business. That is why we have devised this checklist, as a helpful guide for you to better understand how your technology can work harder for you. From automating tasks and integrating with partners for better efficiencies to elevating your channel manager to drive increased room revenues and generally assisting to improve everyday workings at your property. “

As you bring together that culmination of all your team’s needs and aspirations, it can be difficult to really know what will deliver the biggest returns for the remainder of this year and beyond. As the future becomes more technologically advanced, now more than ever it is time to research, instil change, embrace it, and invest in it.

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