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Seafood Suppers @Home by Niall Sabongi and Chef Mickael Viljanen!

This is the food delivery service that seafood lovers have been waiting for. Niall Sabongi, of Sustainable Seafood Ireland & Klaw Restaurants, has called in his friend and two Michelin star winning chef, Mickael Viljanen. Together they have devised a weekly menu of delicious dishes that they love, delivered to your door, nationwide. All the ingredients are prepped and ready to use. Follow the simple instructions to cook and assemble, and dinner is on the table in no time.

Making the most of Sabongi’s passion for seafood and unrivalled access to the best of the sea’s bounty , and Chef Viljanen’s culinary creativity, this limited time collaboration is not to be missed.

Each meal will feed to 2 to 4 people, including a dessert to share! There will be 2 options:

• The midweek offering, priced @ €35

• The weekend offering, priced @ €69

This Friday (6th November), the first dish is a Deluxe Fish Pie, with truffled lobster, turbot and sole, with vin jaune potato. (Dublin only trial)

The midweek dish the following week is a Monkfish and Crab Curry followed at the weekend by a classic ‘Bouillabaisse Marseillaise’ with braised fennel, saffron potatoes, rouille, croutes and gruyere. There will also be the option to add starters, desserts, sides, wines etc. The food is quick and easy to heat, plate and serve.

Ordering is via the https://sustainableseafood.ie website at https://sustainableseafood.ie/seafood-suppers-at-home/ . Order by Tuesday for the Wednesday mid-week meal, and by Wednesday for the Weekend option, delivered Friday (Nationwide delivery orders from this Sunday 8th November for the following week).“This is an exciting way to showcase how delicious and versatile our seafood and shellfish can be. Since March we’ve opened new fish stalls and taken our Salty Buoy Truck on the road. We’ve met so many new customers and this is a great way to encourage more people to embrace our wonderful seafood and shellfish. This is all about two good friends, cooking up all their favourite seafood dishes that they love and miss,” said Sabongi.

Catch up on The Salty Buoy and Sustainable Seafood Ireland

Sabongi’s food truck, The Salty Buoy, is based at The Red Stables Farmers Market in Clontarf on Saturdays from 11am to 4pm and @ Herbert Park Farmers Market on Sundays from 11am – 4pm. When lockdown ends, they are hoping to return to their week day home of Roe & Co Distillery, where you can enjoy their beautiful seafood dishes alongside some gorgeous whiskey cocktails. They have begun to take booking for Christmas outdoor corporate lunches during December, a Covid conscious alternative to traditional corporate Christmas lunches . Follow @SaltyBuoyTruck on Instagram and Twitter for updates on locations.

Insta: @NiallSabongi / @mickaelviljanenchef / @ssi_wholesale

Fresh Fish and Seafood is also available for delivery nationwide via the website https://sustainableseafood.ie/ - offering a wide range of white, flat, prime and oily fish, as well as shellfish and smoked fish. Currently SSI are focusing on only selling 99% Irish seafood.

Each Saturday from 11am to 2pm there is an open door fish market at SSI HQ at Willsborough Industrial Estate in Clonshaugh, Dublin 17

In addition, they run fish markets across Dublin at the following locations :

Fridays & Saturdays – 9:30 - 2pm - Airfield Estate Farmers Market - Dublin 17

Friday – 10.30am -3pm - The Fumbally Stables – Dublin 8

Saturday – 10am – 4pm -The Red Stables Farmers Market – St. Anne’s Park, Clontarf

Sunday – 10am – 4pm – Herbert Park Farmers Market – Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

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