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Restaurants Association Urge Businesses To Fully Comply With COVID-19 Safety Measure Announced Today

The Restaurants Association of Ireland today stated that they will fully comply with new safety measures announced by the government and urge all businesses to do the same.

Adrian Cummins, CEO of the Restaurants Association of Ireland, said: “The Restaurants Association of Ireland will fully comply with new Government rules out of national interest.

The safety of the public is the number one concern right now, and I am appealing to every business owner to step up to the plate in this moment of national solidarity and do the right thing.

In relation to the Taoiseach’s recommendation this morning, all indoor gatherings of over 100 people are cancelled by The Restaurants Association of Ireland. We will comply fully with the Taoiseach’s wishes and have cancelled our two upcoming Regional Awards events in Munster and Connaught.

We will be asking for an emergency meeting with the Taoiseach as soon as he is back in the country, and will be lobbying for the survival of the Tourism and Hospitality Industry.

We will do what is needed in the National interest and comply fully. This is too serious for our staff, customers, the industry and the country to take risks.”

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