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Official Launch Of RECOV PARTNERS

Irelands First Covid Defence and Operations Consultancy service ReCov Partners centred on the Irish hospitality industry has been launched this week.

The service will be focused on the Independent Hotel, Restaurant, Pub and Holiday Village sectors where there are less than 50 employees and the business has an annual turnover of less than €5 million.

Therefore, ReCov Partners fees for this very important service can be covered under the new Government Restart Grant available through local authorities.

Among the areas of expertise which ReCov Partners can provide are:

Back to Work Protocols consistent with Government guidelines Covid-19 Safe Operations for Hospitality

Covid-19 Food Safety and Hygiene System Compliance Assistance with Staff Social Distancing training

Covid-19 Occupational Health and Safety Control Systems

Covid-19 related Human Resources Management Support

Provision of a large range of necessary Safety and PPE items and materials

ReCov Partners have been formed by 3 professionals coming together from different but complimentary disciplines to create a ‘one stop front door to back door consultancy’ for those looking to reopen their Hospitality business safely over the coming weeks and months.

Michael Lynch who fills the Covid Operations Consultant brief at Recov Partners has 30 years’ experience in the hospitality industry having held senior executive and management roles across Hotel and Hospitality Groups in Ireland and the UK. He has also previously been responsible for the operation of 20 branded bars and restaurants and has also owned and operated Pubs in the past. In recent years he has also reopened and launched 3 separate hotels for various Investors.

Sunnibha Corcoran specialises as Consultant in the area of Covid related Food Safety, Environmental Health and Staff Training and has been operating in this area for 20 years. She is a registered trainer with the EHAI and an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Environmental health.

Jim O Dwyer fulfils the brief as Covid Related Occupational Health and Safety and Human Resources Consultant with many years’ experience in these fields with the Irish Greyhound Board, Pfizer, GSK and PM Group. He has also lectured at the Irish Management Institute and at Waterford Institute of Technology.

Outlining the service Michael Lynch stated ‘We will initially engage with our client’s enquiry to gather the necessary information we require in order to get a good understanding of their business premises and operation and we then will bring them through our back to operation process in detail. Once we have formally engaged with them, we will forward the detailed checklists appropriate to their business for their attention. Following on from this we will guide and support our clients through these checklists and our process every step of the way. Ultimately this will result in an operational review of the premises carried out by us’,

We realise that this is a difficult time for the Hospitality Industry says Sunnibha Corcoran and many are grappling with the complexities and impact of Covid 19 on their business. This is all the more trying for the small to medium size Hospitality sector who are likely struggle to find the Financial and Human resources and know how to meet the challenge and thus our Unique service is likely to be of great relief and benefit for them to get back up and running.

Concluding Jim O Dwyer added that customer and employee confidence is critical in the business recovery as the pandemic will continue to be a real issue in peoples minds. To that end we see the 5 ‘s’ as being critical:

1) Sanitisation 2) Staff awareness and training 3) Social Distancing and Space management 4) Systems 5) Safety materials we look forward to assisting and advising our clients in all these areas going forward.

For further details on ReCov Partners or to make an enquiry log onto recovpartners.ie

or call (01) 5240712.


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