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Jameson Ireland launches brand new musical mini-series

Jameson Connects announces the launch of, Jameson Connects Presents: Uly, Nnic and R.Kitt; a digital mini-series that brings three incredible musical talents together to create an original  track, entirely from scratch. The series sees three music makers joining together, from home, for an exclusive collaboration of word and sound with all track revenue being donated directly to the Irish Refugee Council, an organisation who advocate for humane and dignified protection of people fleeing persecution.

The collaboration will see the trio of creatives merge their musical styles of neo-soul, jazz and electronica to create an original piece of material titled ‘Not Too Late’, showcased through the Jameson Connects platform and IGTV.

Jameson Connects Presents offers a unique insight into how musicians are creating within the confines of their homes during isolation, the three-episode mini-series documents the production process of the track; from early notes, to finding the vibe, laying down the track and creating the video.

The collaborative project aims to showcase the power of creativity and how the music industry is navigating these uncertain times for the better. Even though touring and festivals have been cancelled, artists are still fuelling the flames of their creative passions, while giving something back to those who need it most.

Registrants of the Jameson Connects platform will enjoy early access to the first 3 episodes of the mini-series via the Jameson Connects platform while the general public will be able to view the content on IGTV over the course of the next seven days with the first episode of the series going live today on IGTV. Episode 2 will be available on July 6th followed Episode 3 on July 9th along with the official music video for ‘Not Too Late’ by Uly, Nnic and R.Kitt.

Fans are invited to donate through the GoFundMe  link with all proceeds donated directly to the Irish Refugee Council.

Jameson Connects is an immersive digital platform, that allows fans to get more from their bottle of Jameson Whiskey and get closer to the brand. Using innovative Near Field Communication (NFC) technology in the bottle cap, the Jameson Connects community is now open, giving access to unique events, incredible experiences, exclusive content and more.

Click here to register to Jameson Connects and watch the three episodes of Jameson Connects Presents: Uly, Nnic and R.Kitt.

Otherwise you can click here to view the first episode of Jameson Connects Presents: Uly, Nnic and R.Kitt on IGTV with Episode 2  available to the public on July 6th and Episode 3 available on July 9th along with the official music video, ‘Not Too Late’ by Uly, Nnic and R.Kitt.

Fans are invited to make a donation to the Irish Refugee Council through theGoFundMe link.


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