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Irish Gig App Delivers For Restaurants In COVID Lockdown

Irish tech start-up ‘Gigable’ seeks to support the new demand for home deliveries from restaurants and their customers as COVID-19 has transformed dining habits. The app, originally launched in 2018, sought to fill a gap for shift work between Irish businesses and freelance workers operating in the ‘gig-economy’.

Founded by tech entrepreneur and former Defence Forces officer John Ryan, the online platform’s initial plan was to meet the needs of businesses in the hospitality and events sector for short-term shift work as required. As Irish businesses adapt to a new COVID world, the platform now seeks to recruit local drivers to meet the appetite for restaurant deliveries.

As founder John Ryan explains ‘The demand for home deliveries is just one of the many ‘COVID micro-trends’ sweeping across Irish society. We’ve seen shortages of flour for home baking to an explosion in online shopping but equally people have turned to dining-in from local restaurants. Gigable works well for both the business and the freelancer, with full transparency on rates of pay and working hours. You don’t get this with other platforms. The freelancer can trust that they are looked after, the restaurant can trust that they are getting someone dependable, and the customer can trust that the restaurant delivers as scheduled.’

On the Gigable platform, a restaurant looking for a delivery driver will post the date and time they need a driver, along with the rate of pay. Anyone on Gigable’s community of verified drivers, known as freelancers, can see this information and choose whether or not to accept the gig on those terms.

John Ryan continued ‘One of the key advantages of Gigable is that restaurants keep total control of their delivery system, from their brand identity to ensuring that drivers are wearing branded clothing. Equally, drivers can benefit from premium rates if there is a shortage of drivers on a Saturday evening in Ranelagh.’

International growth is also on the radar as Gigable have now launched across the UK in a major partnership with takeaway app Foodhub. The partnership will see Gigable accelerate its roll out across the UK with access to the 11,000 takeaway restaurants featured on Foodhub’s online portal.

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