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From Ocean To Fork Crab Claw Season Has Arrived

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

The Summer has finally arrived, and with it, the most wonderful time of the year for fish lovers, crab claw season.

During the Summer months, crab claws are at their biggest and most fresh. One family restaurant that is renowned for their crab claws and has in recent years been awarded a Bib Gourmand from the MICHELIN Guide Ireland, is Morrissey’s of Doonbeg.

The ocean to fork story for the Morrissey’s crab claws could not be more local. From the time they are caught in the sea until they reach the diner’s plate, the crab claws never travel more than 5km. This is because they are caught just off Doonbeg Bay and taken straight to the local fishmonger, 2km from Morrissey’s, CS Fish.

Both are family businesses through and through, as the man who operates the crab fishing boat at sea, brings it to his son to prepare for sale in CS Fish. For Morrissey’s, this has always ensured traceability and freshness for every claw. A positive and long lasting relationship with CS Fish is what enables Morrissey’s to offer an extensive supply of the freshest crab throughout the whole season.

When the crab claws arrive into the Morrissey’s kitchen, each batch is prepared carefully under the watchful eye of the chefs. Simplicity is what makes the Morrissey’s crab claws so special, every portion gently sautéed in garlic butter. Their famous garlic butter is the key, made up of just three ingredients; Garlic, Parsley and Premium Irish Butter. The quantities of each ingredient hold huge importance, being a Morrissey’s family secret passed on through the years. They provide just enough garlic to give it a kick, but not too much to avoid the overpowering taste. Each batch is then cooked to perfection, never overdone or tough.

With the perfect crab claws, must come the perfect homemade bread. Morrissey’s bake three different kinds of bread on the premises as their signature claw accompaniment. Each one, ideal for dipping into the leftover garlic butter.

Crab claws are Morrissey’s signature dish. With them becoming harder to access in recent years, they are incredibly lucky to have such a dependable and conscientious supplier in CS Fish right on their doorstep. Matching their passion for crab, long may the perfect garlic butter claws be served.

Morrissey’s will reopen its doors to the public on July 3rd, following a stint of being closed due to COVID-19. They look forward to serving up many portions of crab claws from then until the end of the season. Reservations can be made online from this date onwards.

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