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Foodservice Industry COVID-19 Business Impact Survey Results

The IFSA Member COVID-19 Business Impact Survey results highlight the issues which foodservice suppliers are grappling with today as the COVID-19 outbreak continues. The need to collaborate, support each other and share information is more important now than ever before.

​Survey Highlights

  • Have you experienced or are you planning a decrease in Production? – Yes in 100% of cases

  • Have you experienced a decrease in demand? – Yes in 100% of cases

  • Are you likely to or have you already taken action in terms of cutting staff numbers – Yes in 70% of cases

  • IFSA is promoting open communications between suppliers and their customers. Have you had many calls with customers regarding their current trading situation? – Yes in 80% of cases

  • In your opinion, how long can your business continue to trade under these conditions? – 1 month 18%, 3 months 55%, 6 months 9%, longer 18%

  • Have you accessed any available bank supports which have been implemented in response to COVID-19 – Yes in 20% of cases

  • Are you preparing to reduce or even cease business operations? – Yes in 64% of cases

  • On a scales of 1-10, how concerned are you about the economic impact of COVID-19 – 6.3

Results of the survey will be shared with EU lobby group for the catering industry, EFCEM and with Government.

To view the full report click here


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