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Dublin Among the World's Best Cities for an Eco-Friendly Getaway 🌿

Tourlane​, the leading planning and booking service for expert-made dream holidays, has revealed the top cities for a sustainable holiday— just in time for World Environment Day on June 5th. The ranking, which includes 50 places from all six inhabited continents, provides travelers an interesting range of cities to consider when selecting an eco-friendly getaway.

Tourlane’s Travel Experts curated the final shortlist of 50 cities based on eight categories:

● Accessibility by train

● Public transportation

● Low car ownership

● Green space

● The ratio of locals to tourists

● Clean air

● Renewable energy usage

● Recycling

Dublin is the best city in Ireland for an environmentally-friendly getaway in 2020, and the 34th worldwide. The German-speaking DACH region ranks particularly highly, with five cities in the top 10. Vienna followed by Munich are this year’s runners up, ranking second and third respectively.

To view the complete list of 50 cities and to learn more about our scoring methodology, please visit the results page here

“As a carbon neutral company that offsets the carbon emissions of our travelers and our team, we believe that sustainability is more important than ever when planning trips and traveling” said Tourlane’s Senior Travel Product Manager, Arlett Walleck. “We’re seeing an increasing number of travelers choosing to spend their holidays in an environmentally friendly way and seeking out destinations outside of the typical tourist circuit.”

Additional takeaways from the research:

● European cities rank highest in the Train Accessibility category, while ​cities in Africa, Asia, and South America​ rank highest in the Car Free category.

● Cities in Europe​ have the most green space and the cleanest air.

● Renewable energy is popular around the world​, with cities in Africa, Oceania, South

America, North America, and Europe in the top 10 for this category.

● German-speaking cities are doing the most recycling​, with five out of the top six

located here.

● English-speaking cities ​rank first and second in the Public Transport category.

● Asia ​has 6 cities in the ranking, making it the second best-represented continent.

● North America ​has more cities in the ranking compared to ​South America (five

compared to four).

● Europe​ is the best-represented continent overall, with 29 cities in the ranking.

● Africa ​has more cities in the ranking compared to ​Oceania​ (three compared to two).

● Tokyo ​is the most populous city in this year’s ranking, with approximately 37 million


● Reykjavík ​is the least populous city, with approximately 123,000 citizens.


View the full methodology on the ​results page​.

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