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Callebaut Enables Traceability Of Finest Belgian Chocolate Back To Cocoa Farming Communities

Callebaut has launched an exclusive new online traceability tool allowing customers to trace every pack of its Finest Belgian Dark and Milk Chocolate back to the cocoa farming community it originated from. Each pack is created from the finest quality sustainable cocoa beans and customers will be able to see where and when the crop was harvested.

The tool itself is simple - every pack now includes a simple, clear code on the rear of the bag which can be scanned using a smart phone or tablet device for instant access to origin information. Alternatively, the pack’s unique code can be entered online to give the customer a full history of the product including the origin, product ID, batch number, flavour profile and expiry dates.

The Callebaut traceability tool enables customers to identify which farming community grew, harvested and originally traded the cocoa beans as well as giving an overview of the farmers themselves. In addition to the product’s background, the tool also provides customers with a wide range of recipe inspiration and communication tools for chocolate shops, bakeries and restaurants looking to communicate to their customers that they use sustainable Belgian chocolate in their outlet.

Vincenzo Mangano, Sales Director Gourmet at Callebaut UK & Ireland comments: “We’re delighted to launch our in-depth traceability tool to help customers trace the origins of every pack of Callebaut Finest Belgian Dark and Milk Chocolate. Allowing customers to understand the journey our chocolate has been on to reach their kitchens is essential for communicating the sustainability of our Finest Belgian Chocolate. We’re proud to share the origin of our chocolate and the dedicated cocoa farming communities it comes from.”

To find out more about our traceability tool and to discover the journey of your Callebaut Finest Belgian Chocolate visit https://www.callebaut.com/traceable.

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