• Cyril McAree

A Message To The Community From Chef Network

The past couple of weeks have been rough for most of us and there are tough times ahead. The current crisis is extremely challenging for those in hospitality, tourism & food, but the reality is very few sectors will be unscathed and everyone is struggling. We truly are all in this together.

As a community of almost 4000 chefs across this island, we are here for each other. The Chef Network community is here for you. There is no more resilient community than Ireland's incredible food & hospitality family. We have all had to make hard decisions over recent days and there will be more to come, but we will get through this. It is heartening to see how much chefs have been considering the impact on their staff and on the wider community; many have reached out to help the most vulnerable, even as they struggle themselves. It helps a little to know we are in it together. Please support each other. Be kind, be understanding. Everyone is trying to figure this out as they go along.

Stay connected. Post a question or message on the community, or help answer a question for someone else. Reach out to another chef for support or to offer a listening ear - they understand best what you are going through.

On behalf of the Chef Network Advisory Council, we are sending warm wishes and much support to our entire Chef Network community. We are currently putting together a list of kitchens/catering operations that may be in a position to provide food/meals for families through schools (with school meal funding). But other needs may arise for community or frontline catering which this list can also be used for. If you/your kitchen might be available, please respond to our community thread on Chef Network

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