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Meetingsbooker.com Announce The Launch Of New German Platform With dfv media group

Meetingsbooker.com announce the launch of new German platform with dfv media group Today, dfv have announced they will be launching a new meetings booking platform in partnership with the global leader in the space, Meetingsbooker.com. Via their existing brand, Tagungsplaner.de, the German operator has selected Meetingsbooker.com to roll out a class leading booking engine for the German speaking market. The new deal closes a long standing gap of bringing a fully automated meetings solution to Europe’s biggest meetings market. In recent years, Meetingsbooker.com has developed a comprehensive suite of tools to make it easier for both the consumer and the venue provider to simplify their management of the meeting booking process. From a small meeting, to a large conference, the Tagungsplaner.de engine will now streamline the search and selection of these meetings venues for the corporate user. With access to over 137,000 meetings spaces globally, the tool will bring an unrivaled choice of hotel, conference and alternative meeting spaces to the consumer. In addition, the partnership will also allow corporate partners to fundamentally change how they gain insights into usage, savings and compliance on their global meetings programs.

Commenting on the new deal, Mark A. Cano, publishing director of tp Tagungsplaner,de said, “After a lengthy review process, we are excited to have chosen Meetingsbooker.com as our partner for tagungsplaner.de. From the technology, right through to the people, we are convinced that this partnership will deliver on the long term strategic goals for our clients.” CEO and founder of Meetingsbooker.com, Ciaran Delaney added, “From early on in our discussions, we could see the passion and drive of the dfv leadership to make a material difference to the rapidly emerging online meetings market. We’re certain that this combined effort will be a game changer for the German meetings market. The dfv brand has a strong heritage of providing quality content to the business community and this new opportunity extends on this, to bring a truly consumer focused meetings solution to dfv’s partners.”


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