• Cyril McAree

Hoteliers Condemn Increase in Dublin rates

The decision by Dublin City Council (DCC) to increase commercial rates by almost 3 percent has been condemned by the hoteliers as excessive and ill-advised. The Irish Hotels Federation (IHF) states that hoteliers in Dublin and across the country are already facing significant challenges to sustain the growth in tourism of recent years, with a softening in visitor numbers from key markets and increasing concerns around reduced competitiveness.

Mr Michael Lennon, President, IHF, states, “We’re willing to pay a fair and reasonable rate but not excessive and disproportionate levies. Over 75% of overseas tourists visit Dublin, making it a vital tourism gateway, and a significant contributor to an industry that accounted for €9.42 billion in revenue in 2018. This increase will further reduce competitiveness at a time when tourism is already facing significant challenges due to increases in the cost doing business and the hike in tourism VAT. This was highlighted in the latest Crowe Ireland Annual Hotel Survey[i] which showed that many costs are increasing faster than the underlying growth in revenues.”

“The Government has to do more to tackle the costs that are stifling businesses. We have an unacceptable situation here in Dublin where, with the stroke of a pen and without consultation, Dublin City Council is dealing businesses a damaging body blow that will further undermine competitiveness. The move by Dublin City Council is extremely short sighted and jeopardises the sustained growth of the tourism sector.”

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