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Five Lamps Opens Brewery on Dublin’s Camden Street

Five Lamps, the handcrafted Irish beer brewed in Dublin, officially opened the Five Lamps Dublin Brewery and Visitor Centre, housed upstairs in Camden street’s ‘The Camden’ (formerly ‘The Palace’). Iconic and steeped in local history, this former cinema played host to the Theatre De Luxe in the early 20th century and also featured in scenes from the famous Dublin musical and comedy-drama "The Commitments". While respecting its original features and illustrious past, the building has undergone a radical modernisation and transformation which includes a first floor dedicated to the Five Lamps Dublin Brewery.

Visitors to the new Five Lamps Dublin Brewery will have the opportunity to experience first-hand the culture, heritage and authenticity of Five Lamps; qualities which define the essence, flavour and character of ‘The Beer of Dublin’. Five Lamps Dublin Brewery Tour & Visitor Centre The Five Lamps Dublin Brewery is a personal journey of the senses. Watching the Master Brewer, visitors will be immersed in the skill, dedication and passion of the brewing process and the magical craft of capturing the defining characteristics of culture, heritage and authenticity in every drop of Five Lamps beer. Guided by local experts and characters, over 45 minutes, visitors will experience a vision of Dublin through the eyes of true ‘blue’ Dubliners; from legendary tales of the city streets where Five Lamps was born, to ‘A Love Letter to Dublin’, a short film starring Imelda May, who shares an intimate portrayal of what it means to be a proud Dubliner in Ireland today. The Five Lamps Dublin Brewery Tour finishes with a beer tasting of the full Five Lamps range. A legend of his craft, Five Lamps Master Brewer, William Harvey, will be based on-site brewing seasonal beers and will use the brewery as his experimental kitchen to grow, develop and perfect Five Lamps beers. The Five Lamps Brewery also features a gift shop which will be selling uniquely branded Five Lamps merchandise and Dublin-themed memorabilia.

Ross Bissett, General Manager of the Five Lamps Dublin Brewery, commented: “As The Beer of Dublin, we are delighted to create a Five Lamps Dublin Brewery and Visitor Centre in the heart of the city. Here, in our spiritual home, visitors will experience the culture, heritage and authenticity of Five Lamps. These qualities define the essence, flavour and character of our handcrafted beers. Steeped in local history and respectfully restored, this iconic city centre location represents our defining qualities. This is an appropriate setting for us to welcome visitors and share our story, showcase our passion for handcrafted brewing and experience the authenticity of Five Lamps.” Five Lamps Master Brewer, William Harvey, added: “It’s an exciting prospect to share my love for Five Lamps and handcrafted beer, which for me has long been a vocation. Quintessentially of Dublin and experienced through such an original Brewery Tour, visitors will leave with a deeper understanding of Five Lamps; the ingredients beyond the barley, yeast and hops, and a gain a greater appreciation for the skill, inspiration and dedication that goes into creating our beer.”

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