• Cyril McAree

Coors Light Launches ‘The Rockies’ - Because All Life’s Peaks Deserve An Award

Coors Light is launching a set of awards with a difference: The Rockies Awards will celebrate those victories in life, big and small, that often go unrewarded - from getting that promotion at work to nabbing a table for your mates in a packed pub.

For the next six months, Coors Light will be regularly awarding fans through its social channels. Award 'hosts' Joanne McNally and Owen Colgan will announce award categories each month and Coors Light fans will be encouraged to tag a deserving Rockies Award winner for the chance to pick up some Coors Light prizes.

The list of Rockies Categories include: Your mate who always makes it to the airport in time for a pre-flight pint. Your mate who always finds a table in a crowded bar. Your mate who always carries the gear into the festival campsite. Your mate who always gets your group of friends out for a pint. Your mate who always has the best Halloween costume. As well as giving out awards for the categories above, Coors Light will also be encouraging people to give their mates a cold, refreshing pint of Coors Light for any challenge they’ve overcome that they feel deserves a reward. They can share a picture or video on their social channels tagging @coorslightirl (Twitter/Instagram) or @coorslightireland (Facebook) for the chance to win Coors Light goodies. Conor McIntyre, Coors Light Senior Brand Manager, said: “Most awards are far too niche and, frankly, a little bit dull. At Coors Light, we know great journeys don’t have smooth paths, they have rocky ones. What better way to recognise a friend’s success than presenting them with a Rockies Award – a cold, refreshing pint of Coors Light?” #TheRockies - Because all of life’s victories deserve the Peak of Refreshment.

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