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Fáilte Ireland Prepares EPIC To Surpass Visitor Expectations

Fáilte Ireland today awarded EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum with a Service Excellence Programme Business Award – certifying that the Dublin attraction is committed to continuous service excellence provision.

Fáilte Ireland’s Service Excellence Programme prepares tourism businesses to reach and maintain the highest standards in customer service excellence, encourage positive recommendations, gain additional repeat business and increase visitor spend.

More than 50 front facing staff and management at the visitor attraction completed the training, which was recently voted Europe’s Leading Tourist Attraction 2019 at the 26th annual World Travel Awards.

Speaking at the presentation of the award, Martina Bromley, Head of Enterprise & Hospitality Development at Fáilte Ireland said that the Programme is an important aspect of Fáilte Ireland’s business development and training supports:“As the National Tourism Development Authority, our focus is on ensuring visitors experience the very best of Ireland and Dublin. Our Accredited Service Excellence Programme is all about strengthening competitiveness and helping tourism businesses to provide an experience that differentiates Ireland from its international competitors.

“We are delighted to present EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum with the Service Excellence Business Award. The attraction was recently voted Europe’s Leading Tourist Attraction 2019 and this award substantially reinforces the attraction’s reputation in customer service excellence, putting the visitor at the centre of everything they do.”

Welcoming the award, Geraldine Brooks, Director of Visitor Experience at EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum, said:“The majority of our Customer Reviews are 5 Star and mention the excellent service our team members provide. Our participation in the Fáilte Ireland Service Excellence Programme has furthered and enhanced our commitment to our visitors, which is reflected in the positivity of our visitor reviews.

“Excellent customer service is crucial to the visitor experience here at EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum and was the most important factor in our World Travel Awards win. We are proud to receive Fáilte Ireland’s Service Excellence Business Award and I’m delighted to congratulate our teams on their hard work and dedication.”

Fáilte Ireland provides the Accredited Service Excellence Programme for all management and front facing staff in tourism related businesses who come into contact with visitors. It can be achieved by individual staff, as a business (Business Award) provided 75% of front facing staff complete the programme or as a destination (Destination Award) if an agreed level of key tourism businesses in the area achieve the Business Award and a number of community awareness workshops are completed.

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