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Amsterdam Sees The Biggest Month-On-Month Increase In Hotel Prices

According to the latest Trivago report the city with the largest month-on-month hotel price increase reported on the tHPI in April is Amsterdam, where travelers will pay €184 on average for an overnight stay in a standard double room this month, a 40% increase compared to last month. New York follows with a 31% increase compared to March, with its average hotel price now at €205 per night. Average hotel prices in Rome increase as well, rising 29% this month compared to last month, reaching €111 for a standard double room per night. Barcelona and Vienna report an increase of 27% and 23% respectively for a standard double room compared to last month, which translates into €129 and €118, respectively. Dublin and Reykjavik, however, are the only European cities that report a decrease in hotel prices of 7% and 12% respectively, which translates into €138 and €114 for a double standard room per night. Access the tHPI for all the data on over 50 cities here: https://businessblog.trivago.com/trivago-hotel-price-index/

Cities with year-on-year increases in hotel prices:

Most of the cities listed on the trivago Hotel Price Index register a year-on-year increase in their hotel prices this April. The average overnight rate for a standard double room in Manila is now €74, a 45% increase compared to April 2018, making it the city with the highest year-on-year hotel price increase this month. In second place is Cairo, reporting an 27% year-on-year increase, which translates into €109 for a standard double room per night. Vancouver holds the third place, registering an increase of 21% with an average rate of €136 for an overnight hotel stay. Completing the list of the five cities registering the highest year-on-year increase are Lima, where the average rate of €61 is 17% higher compared to last year, and Tapei City, where the average price for an overnight stay is also up 17% from April 2018 to reach €91. In contrast, Lisbon sees a decrease of 11% in its hotel rates compared to April 2018, which translates into an average of €99 for an overnight hotel stay this month, which makes it the city with the most significant drop in hotel prices. Cape Town follows with a decrease in hotel prices for an overnight stay of 10% compared to last year, which translates into €95 on average for a standard double room.

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