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Fáilte Ireland urges Tourism Sector to Step Up Preparations for Brexit

Fáilte Ireland’s CEO Paul Kelly addressed the Irish Hotel Federation’s Annual Conference in Killarney on Tuesday, 5th March and used the opportunity to appeal to hotels and other tourism businesses to step up their efforts to diversify into newer markets ahead of Brexit. Fáilte Ireland is investing €5 million this year for business supports to ensure the Irish tourism sector is both ‘product-ready’ and ‘industry-ready’ ahead of the UK withdrawal from the EU.

Paul Kelly, Chief Executive of Fáilte Ireland said: “While it is still difficult to quantify the range and scope of impacts that Brexit will have, our key message to tourism businesses is ‘prepare and diversify’. Any tourism business which does not have Brexit contingencies as a central focus of its 2019 business plan needs to act fast. To help businesses to prepare, Fáilte Ireland is investing €5 million this year to support the tourism sector in its preparations. This marks a significant ramping up of our activities to ensure Irish tourism is both ‘product-ready’ and ‘industry-ready’ ahead of Brexit.

We need to work every angle if we are to sustain tourism growth, and the jobs and revenue generated in recent years. This means that we need to be a much more agile sector. Businesses need to recalibrate towards newer segments in the British market or to newer markets. Fáilte Ireland has developed a comprehensive Brexit Response Programme designed to support tourism businesses in an innovative and accessible manner and to ensure businesses are ready to meet the challenge.”

Michael Lennon, President of the Irish Hotels Federation (IHF) said: “As the deadline for Brexit approaches, it is still unclear what the outcome will be or if the deadline will be met or if we have a disorderly Brexit. However, we cannot stand still and no matter what happens, our sector must be prepared for any and all contingencies. Businesses need to assess the risks associated with reliance on the UK market, respond to changes quickly and look at marketing themselves to newer markets or indeed other sectors within existing markets. As a member of the Fáilte Ireland Brexit Advisory Group, the IHF welcomes the 2019 Brexit Response Programme and initiatives which will assist in addressing some of the challenges and issues Brexit is causing.”

The Fáilte Ireland Brexit Response Business Supports include:

Brexit Mentor Panel

  • Get China Ready Programme

  • International Sales & Optimisation Scheme

  • Market Diversification Programme

  • Competitiveness and Value for Money

  • Research & Insights

  • GB & NI Retention and Growth

  • Brexit Readiness Check

  • Online Knowledge Hub

As part of the Brexit Response Programme a booklet outlining the supports available has been produced by Fáilte Ireland which can be downloaded here.

Further information on the Fáilte Ireland Brexit Response Programme can be found at: www.failteireland.ie/getbrexitready

by telephone: 1800 242 473 email: getbrexitready@failteireland.ie

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