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Trivago Industry Insights: Traveler Profile

Trivago, a leading global hotel metasearch, shares insights into travelers’ hotel search behavior on its platform in a new report. The in-depth data analysis examines when trivago users search for a hotel, which factors narrow down their search options, what prices they pay, how much they are prepared to pay, and their hotel-stay patterns. Key findings are accessible in a free white paper.

According to the data, a 52% majority of trivago users traveling to Europe choose destinations other than the region’s 100 most popular places, while in Oceania, the top 10 destinations account for 49% of all searches made for the continent on trivago. When looking at where travelers are coming from, domestic travel accounts for most trips in all regions. Europe in particular has the most internal travel, while North America has the most visitors from other continents. An analysis of travelers’ usage of filters to narrow down hotel preferences on trivago reveals that the price filter is the most commonly used, with 54% of users across all regions interacting with it.

The full report gives a profile of travelers in Europe, North America, Latin America, and Oceania based on data for travel in 2018. The report reveals:

• Where travelers are going to and coming from • How the main types of travelers are identified • Which factors narrow down a traveler’s hotel search options • What prices travelers pay and how much they are prepared to pay • When travelers book, when they travel, and how long they stay • How to access data on a hotel’s specific audience of travelers

The white paper trivago Industry Insights: Traveler Profile can be accessed at: https://businessblog.trivago.com/industry-insights-traveler-profile/

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