• Cyril McAree

EFQM Award Presentation At The Cionabreany House

At a formal reception in Clonabreany House, the EFQM awarded Clonabreany House Crossakiel, Co Meath, the International Accreditation of EFQM -‘Committed to Excellence’.

This achievement was the result of an intensive programme of workshops, projects and investments, culminating in a formal submission document, followed by an independent assessment and evaluation against the rigorous EFQM criteria and framework.

The EFQM, is the European Foundation for Quality Management. As a European Foundation, it inspires organisations to achieve sustainable excellence by engaging leaders to learn, share and innovate using the EFQM Excellence Framework.

The Excellence Awards, managed by the Centre for Competitiveness, as the official Country Partner of the Brussels based European Foundation for Quality Management, benchmarks and assesses organisations and recognises those that have demonstrated quality excellence in their overall performance.

Regardless of sector, size, structure or maturity, the EFQM framework is a powerful management tool providing hospitality businesses and their management, with a keen sense of what needs to be done; while establishing robust management and business systems through its powerful logic and practical help. It does this by measuring where they are on the Excellence road map; helping them understands the gaps, and apply innovative solutions”.

Used as a benchmarking tool, it shows how the Clonabreany House compares to its competitors and other leading organisations. Used as a management and leadership guideline, it identifies the processes, performance, results and competency objectives of the organisation.

Speaking at the Awards Event, the General Manager of Clonabreany House, Mary O’Neil,l said: ‘The achievement of this EFQM Award is incredible! The journey to excellence was an exciting and stimulating process for the team to experience and every member of staff bought into it. The Framework guided us in the analysis of all aspects of our business– what we do; how we do it; what is critical to our success; what are our targets and how to deliver them.

It was a real team effort, and this helped to ensure the best possible chance of success.

This achievement has given the whole team here in Clonabreany a great boost because it is a recognition of our professionalism, standards, product and services…but more importantly it ensures a continuation and reinforcement of our total commitment to our customers;

to exceed their expectations and to deliver excellence in everything we do to meet the needs of our guests and customers.’

The EFQM Award was presented by Tony Lenehan of the EFQM who stated that;

‘the achievement of the Clonabreany House in achieving the ‘Committed to Excellence’ EFQM Award is tremendous.

This accreditation and International recognition is only awarded to hospitality and tourism organisations that ‘achieve and sustain excellence in performance and results that meet or exceed the expectations of their customers and all their stakeholders’

The business benefits for Clonabreany are significant, as the EFQM provides an International symbol and benchmark of Business Excellence in Hospitality and Tourism.

Through this new distinction, Clonabreany joins 30,000 large and small organisations worldwide in the private, public and voluntary sectors who have used the World Class EFQM Framework as their blueprint and driver for excellence’.


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