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Fáilte Ireland Brings Best Of Irish Golf To The UK

Fáilte Ireland today promoted Ireland as a premier golf destination to over 50 leading UK corporate and incentive buyers at a specially organised event in Foxhills Golf Resort, just outside London.

In partnership with Tourism Ireland, Fáilte Ireland has brought top Irish golf trade to the UK, a priority market for golf tourism, to sell the best of Ireland’s golf offer to the buyers. With Irish trade representing different parts of the country, the aim is to promote golf tourism experiences across all regions, and across a longer tourism season.

Fáilte Ireland has also partnered with Golfbreaks.com, one of the UK’s most successful golf tour operators, for this event, helping to showcase Ireland’s golf offer to a wider UK market and leveraging the company’s new focus on corporate and incentive travel.

Martin Donnelly, Fáilte Ireland’s Golf Ireland Manager, said:“Golf plays a significant role in Irish tourism and it is important that we do all we can to support the industry to reach key overseas markets, helping to boost visitor numbers across the country. With the uncertainty caused by Brexit, it is more important than ever that we put our front foot forward in attracting our nearest overseas market to Ireland and this event is a great way to bring together two of our most lucrative markets –golf and corporate and incentive travel. I have no doubt that the Irish trade here today will present the corporate buyers with numerous reasons to sell Ireland as a prime golfing destination to their clients.”

Golf tourism is an extremely lucrative sector for Ireland with golfers being amongst the highest yielding visitors to Ireland. Over 200,000 overseas visitors take part in golf during their visit to Ireland every year, contributing almost €270 million to the economy and driving over 1.7 million bed nights right across the country. Working with Tourism Ireland, Fáilte Ireland is focused on growing these numbers by targeting those markets with greatest potential.

Irish trade represented at the event today were Diamond Coast Hotel in Sligo, Donegal Golf Club, Carton House in Kildare and Portmarnock Hotel & Golf Links in Dublin.


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