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Cullen’s At The Cottage Reopens For 2018

This month Cullen’s at the Cottage will reopen its doors, serving a relaxed dining experience with an exciting new menu of seasonal favourites. Located just a short stroll from the Castle and adjacent to Mrs Tea’s Boutique & Bakery, Cullen’s at the Cottage will welcome both hotel guests and non-residents for lunch and dinner from March through to November.

Executive Chef, Philippe Farineau has yet again created a tantalising menu of casual-dining classics, offering a contemporary take on traditional Irish and international dishes with a touch of his signature French finesse. The diverse menu is inspired by Red Carnation Hotel’s President & Founder, Bea Tollman’s favourite dishes from around the world while also celebrating the best of locally-sourced, seasonal ingredients.

Signature dishes include Dukkah Crusted Clare Island Organic Salmon, Martin Jenning’s Angus Beef Ribeye and Killary Fjord Mussels. The menu also offers dishes created by Mrs Tollman, taken from her cookbook “A Life in Food”, including Spit-Roasted Peri Peri Poussin and West Coast Seafood Chowder.

As well as enjoying outstanding food, diners at Cullen’s at the Cottage will also experience the unique atmosphere of a traditional thatch-style cottage setting. Did you know? The cottage was once the local Cong cinema and was the very first place to screen ‘The Quiet Man’ – even before Hollywood!

Cullen’s at the Cottage will serve dinner 7 days per week until November 4th, Saturday and Sunday only from November 10th to 25th and on December 22nd, 23rd, 27th to 30th.

Lunch will be served on Saturday and Sunday from March 31st to June 1st (also Bank Holiday Mondays during this period) and 7 days per week from June 1st to September 2nd. Lunch will be served Saturday and Sunday from September 3rd to 30th.

For reservations and further queries, visit www.ashfordcastle.com.



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