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Chef Salaries Remain Well Short Of Industrial Wage As Shortage Worsens

Chef pay rates are again going up but they are still well short of the average industrial wage, according to Excel Recruitment’s 2018 Salary Survey.

Chef pay rates are again going up but 75% of all chefs are still falling short of the average industrial wage of €36,000 per annum. According to Excel Recruitment’s 2018 Salary Survey, a Chef de Partie can expect an average of €30,000 a year, while a Junior Sous Chef takes home €35,000. On the higher end of the scale, a Hotel Head Chef earns between €65,000- €70,000 + bonus while an Executive Chef in a Hotel can take home anything between €75,000- €82,000.

The Irish hospitality sector’s chef crisis continued to dominate industry news and discussion last year, a nowhere near new phenomenon that looks to set to continue right through 2018. Businesses of all levels, shapes and sizes are continuing to struggle to attract, recruit and retain a quality of chefs at all levels. While there is much debate that goes back and forth regarding the issue and while many potential solutions have been suggested, such as re-instating Cert qualifications or promoting apprenticeships, much of the issue is centred around the industry standard pay rates for chefs.

The increase in minimum wage which came into effect in January has further highlighted the issue. Before the increase, employers could afford to pay experienced staff above the minimum wage and reward staff in the minimum wage to €14/ 15 per hour pay bracket with regular increases. Since the jump from €9.25 to 9.55, staff in this bracket have expected increases to their own rate in line with the jump, an expectation proving very difficult and costly for employers to meet.

Shane Mclave, General Manager of Excel says “Chef pay rates are again going up but they are still well short of the average industrial wage. In most establishments, chefs have to manoeuvre themselves into a senior management position in order to achieve that salary”

To view the Salary Survey in full, please visit - http://www.jobsatexcel.ie/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/HOTEL-SALARY-SURVEY-2018.pdf


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