• Cyril McAree

It's Definitely The Year Of The Dog In Strandhill

It’s always the Year of the Dog at The Draft House Gastro Pub in Strandhill, Co. Sligo where snug kennels are the order of the day for our furry friends. For the Chinese community however, the Year of the Dog begins on 16th February with colourful celebrations which will continue for more than two weeks. Festivities will include fireworks, firecrackers, parades and special foods. Every year is linked with a specific animal in a 12 year cycle. It’s a national holiday in China and is also celebrated in major cities around the world including Dublin.

Every day is a dog day at The Draft House. Walkers are offered private kennels which have a video link so they can keep an eye on their pets while they enjoy a well earned lunch or warming hot whiskey. The dogs are well looked after with snug beds and fresh water. Strandhill is popular amongst dog walkers and the Draft House kennels are a great option rather than leaving pets in the car. There is no cost and booking isn’t required. Each owner is given a tablet PC linked to their dog’s kennel which is locked for security. The Draft House looks after active humans too, providing hot showers free of charge for chilly surfers (or walkers).

For the record, famous people born in ‘dog years’ include Bill Clinton and Donald Trump (both 1946 babies), Elvis, Michael Jackson, Madonna and Mother Teresa. Rather appropriately – so was dog trainer Barbara Woodhouse. Walkies anyone?

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