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Fáilte Ireland Publishes Detailed Tourist Market Profiles to Help Businesses Diversify in Face of Br

Fáilte Ireland has published a series of Travel Market Profiles on the four most important markets for tourism, Britain, the USA, France and Germany which are aimed at helping industry identify the type of activities and holiday experiences that overseas holidaymakers are interested in while in Ireland. The research on USA, Germany and France also adds to the material available on the recently launched Get Brexit Ready toolkit.

Speaking today, Caeman Wall, Head of Research at Fáilte Ireland explained that while our tourist offering of scenery, culture, heritage and history appeal to all international holidaymakers, what specifically influences them to book and plan their holidays in Ireland will differ by market.

“Americans have a strong cultural and ancestral link to Ireland and as a new world nation they are particularly drawn to Ireland’s iconic historic attractions as it’s not something they can experience at home. The French are using their holiday to reinvigorate themselves and are looking to get energised from the landscape and unspoilt nature while experiencing authentic Irish culture. The British see Ireland predominantly as a short break destination (72% stay less than five nights) therefore they appreciate a range of easily accessible and unique cultural experiences that set Ireland apart from the UK. The Germans are attracted to Ireland’s unique coastal seascapes but are also looking to experience both traditional and contemporary Irish culture.

”Getting more nuanced about the types of activities enjoyed by different markets,” Mr Wall expanded “the Germans enjoy physical activity in nature and want to experience Ireland’s dramatic coastal landscape with more energetic pursuits – primarily walking, hiking and easy cycling, while the French are attracted to sedate activity on or near water. The Americans like easy activity while sightseeing but nothing too strenuous. Walking is becoming increasingly important for the American market. The British enjoy walking and hiking as the main focus of their active endeavours while on holiday.”

In addition, the Research found that:

  • The German market has the largest proportion of long stay holidaymakers; almost a third (31%) will stay nine or more nights (followed by US at 26% and the French at 25%)

  • The British are the most likely holidaymakers to return at 60%; followed by the French at 39% and the Germansat 32% with the Americans - due to distance and time - the least likely of the four markets to return at 20%.

  • German and French holidaymakers to Ireland are young, 52% and 48% respectively are under 35 years.

  • 79% of American tourists are first time visitors with 71% travelling to Ireland independently.

Mr Wall concluded by emphasising that greater market diversification is central to Fáilte Ireland’s work with tourism businesses to support them with the many challenges of Brexit. These market profiles will provide businesses with more in-depth insights in order to tailor their tourist offerings to new customers. For example, businesses for whom Britain is the primary market, these profiles will provide the opportunity to identify where their product or service may align with other key markets.



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