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Sliabh Liag Distillery Launches An Dúlamán Irish Maritime Gin

Sliabh Liag Distillery has launched An Dúlamán, Irish Maritime Gin. An Dúlamán is inspired by the Donegal coast and the ingredients found around the Sliabh Liag peninsula. The Sliabh Liag Distillery is Donegal’s first distillery in 175 years and its directors, James and Moira Doherty, have set out to build super premium brands, and to reclaim the almost lost distilling heritage of Donegal.

From concept to bottling, Moira has passionately created An Dúlaman, and is the driving force behind the gin.An Dúlamán uses 11 botanicals; juniper, angelica, cassia, coriander, lemon and orange peel provide the perfect base for the five remaining botanicals – locally harvested seaweeds

“An Dúlamán is made using only the finest Donegal Sweet Kombu (Sugar Kelp), Dillisk (Dulse), Pepper Dulse, Carrageen Moss and Channel Wrack. Pepper Dulse, sometimes known as the “truffle of the sea” is the shyest of these coastal treasures and can only be harvested on a full moon when the tides and the wild Atlantic work in our favour,” James explains.

“Once collected, each botanical is treated on its own merits. Some are dried to intensify their flavours and others frozen to capture the delicate umami essence. Following this, some of the ingredients go into Méabh, our hand beaten copper pot still and we add the more challenging ones into the flavour basket to be distilled into An Dúlamán, Irish Maritime Gin. We take an incredibly narrow cut, which gives a taste that captures fresh juniper, an umami richness and the dry tang of sea breeze,” says James.

An Dúlamán is bottled at 43.2%, the abv at which the delicate and complex flavours can best be savoured. It is presented in a dark 50cl bottle, reminiscent of the bottles found along the Donegal shore during the wrecks of the Spanish Armada. Each bottle is wax sealed and the batch number is linked to the lunar phases.

James knows the drinks industry well having held senior positions with major drinks suppliers SABMiller in Asia, Foster’s in Australia and William Grant & Sons. He and his wife Moira are joined by James Keith, the Hughes family, Dom De Lorenzo and John Davidson in their mission to reclaim the distilling heritage of Donegal.

For more information on An Dúlamán Irish Maritime Gin or Silkie whiskey visit www.sliabhliagdistillery.com

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