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Introducing Nightmarket, Ranelagh - Food of Thailand

The latest offering from seasoned Restauranteurs Conor Sexton and partner Jutarat Suwankeeree (R)– Nightmarket has now fully opened in Ranelagh offering a menu packed full of genuine Thai dishes, with a promise not to alter the ingredients or dial down the flavours. Nightmarket, located on 120 Main Street, Ranelagh, named after the buzzing, vibrant night-time street markets of Hua Hin & Chiang Mai in Thailand, where everyone comes to shop, eat and socialise at colourful stalls brimming with fresh produce, meats and fish, vegetables and fruits, street food sizzling in the night air.

Nightmarket introduces of regional Thailand to Dublin, original Thai ingredients cooked with the very best of fresh Irish produce, dishes packed with big, punchy flavours, pungent aromas, honest, tasty food that will satisfy the Thai – Irish community and spark memories for those who have travelled to R’s incredible country.

Inspiration behind the concept and menu has been driven by Jutarat Suwankeeree, known affectionately as 'R', who grew up in Hua Hin, a coastal city at the top of the southern Malay Peninsula and later Chiang Mai in the North of Thailand. Her partner, Conor Sexton, grew up in Kildimo, a small village just a few miles outside Limerick city. They met when Conor opened Koh Restaurant in Dublin city centre and R came to work with him as a duty manager. With the arrival of their daughter Emily, Conor and R decided it was time to focus their efforts on finding a great location in Ranelagh near their home, where they could open a restaurant together in the heart of their own community. R wanted her Irish family and friends to experience the genuine flavours of Thai home cooking, to create a restaurant that was authentic and real, where people could gather to enjoy the tastes and flavours of her homeland.

In preparation for opening, Conor and R had the highly onerous task of eating their way through the best Thai restaurants in London and the USA! Researching, developing, tasting and re-trialing their recipes, they ultimately devised a menu which is the very essence of the Thai Nightmarket tradition. So whether it’s lunch, dinner, brunch or a flavoursome cocktail, their team of chefs, with the best of traditional know-how and the finest quality ingredients, they believe, will delight customers with an authentic serving of Thailand.

“At Nightmarket, you step into a home kitchen, where the food reflects the tastes, traditions and values of authentic regional cooking from Thailand. We feature a number of dishes which have not been seen on menus in ireland before, all served with a traditional Irish warmth, marrying the heritage of our two countries. And of course our fantastic cocktail offering is extensive ” said Conor Sexton, Owner.

Designed in collaboration with GAFF Interiors, the restaurant's decor takes its cue from the traditional Thai night markets, particularly those found in Chiang Mai, with a midnight blue colour palette offset with contemporary details. Bespoke prints by Jando Design are the hero pieces here, linking the Nightmarket’s location in Ranelagh with its origins in rural Thailand. The result is a minimalist setting that allows the authenticity of this eatery’s culinary offering to speak for itself. From buttery leather banquet seating to the patterned tile feature wall, the setting is a decadent taste of Thailand in Dublin’s foodie quarter.

At Nightmarket, dishes have plenty of spice - fiery chilies, fermented fish sauces, sours from Thai veggies and herbs, sauces developed over hours on the stovetop. Combined with the very best fresh Irish produce, delivered to the restaurant daily, each and every dish promises a unique and delicious taste experience.

The Nightmarket team have already catered from some outdoor events, such has been the demand for the wonderful Thai food.

Some signature dishes include:

Laab Moo Tod : Crispy balls of pork laab, red curry paste, chilli, peanuts, ginger, shallots, spring onion, fish sauce, lime juice, mint, rice.

Miang Kham : Cha Plu leaves, ginger, shallots, chilli, dried shrimps, lime, peanut, roast coconut, palm sugar & dried shrimp sauce.

Hoy Shell Yang : Grilled, fresh scallops; chilli, lime juice & coriander sauce; chilli & mango salad with peanut.

Yum Poo Nim : crispy soft shell crab, salad of mango, shallot, coconut flakes, fish sauce, palm sugar, tamarind, chilli paste, coconut milk.

Yum Makeua Yao : Grilled Thai aubergine salad, soft boiled egg, chilli, dried shrimp floss, chilli, mint, fish sauce, lime juice, palm sugar.

To complement the amazing food, Conor and head barman Josko Babic, have developed an incredible cocktail list so customers can pop-in for a drink or grab a bite to eat from lunchtime till late. Signature cocktails include:

Negroni No.23 Zacapa 23/Carpano/Campari/Chocolate Bitter

Basil Smash Dingle Gin/Thai Basil/Lemon/Fish Sauce/Lychee

NM Cosmo Cointreau/Pomelo/Rice Wine/Cranberry Syrup

NM Sidecar Mandarin Napolean/Park Cognac/Assam/Lemon/Ginger

Mai Tai Blackwell Rum/Curacao/NM Orgeat/ Lime

Whiskey Sour Jim Beam Devil’s Cut/Locke’s 8//Tamarind/Lime/Betel Bitters/Anis

For more info visit http://www.nightmarket.ie

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