• Cyril McAree

"GREENFest2017 - Resource Efficiency For The Hospitality Sector" - Annual Conference

The GREENFest1017 Conference is taking place on Thursday, 9th November, in the Carlton Hotel Dublin Airport.

The conference will bring together hospitality businesses with experts in Resource Efficiency to discuss and address the opportunities and challenges the Hospitality and Tourism Sector faces regarding Sustainability, Resource Efficiency and Environmental Good Practice.

Make sure at least one person from your hotel, guesthouse, leisure centre, attraction, organisation attends to find out what you could be, and should be, doing, and what is coming down the track for the sector.

Dublin Hoteliers and Restaurateurs - Are you ready for the Global Destination Sustainability Index challenges - what is the GDSI?

Hoteliers - Near Zero Energy Building 2020 regulations - how will they affect your planned developments - including extensions, major refurbishments

All Businesses - Cost Savings - Energy Grants/Financial support - find out how your business can secure these

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Early Bird Rates are available


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