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Tartare Café + Wine Bar Opens In Galway, Ireland

A new West of Ireland terroir-based café and wine bar has opened in Galway’s West End, owned by husband and wife team JP McMahon and Drigín Gaffey of Aniar and Cava Bodega restaurants. All of the dishes on both the daytime and evening menus draw on a wealth of in-season West of Ireland produce. The wine list is focusing on organic, biodynamic and natural wine.

The daytime menu is focused on sourdough sandwiches, soup, organic salads with small plates of really good Oysters and a Beef Tartare. Currently on the daytime menu you can expect sandwiches on sourdough bread including Corned Beef & Pickled Cabbage and Ham Hock & Smoked Gubbeen Cheese. Salads are organic and include Goat’s Curd, Radish & Hazelnut. The coffee is Bell Lane and the ideal companion to a Chocolate & Nori Brownie, Meadowsweet & Custard Tart or Cheese Scone with Fermented Butter.

On the evening menu you can expect Local and Native Oysters; Potted Crab & Sea Herbs; Beef Tartare & Watercress; Eel, Potato & Nori; Tomato, Lovage & Goat’s Curd; and Courgette, Hazelnut & Gooseberry. In addition, the menu celebrates Irish farmhouse cheeses and charcuterie with a selection of boards. Mussels & Seagrass; Herring & Sour Cream; and Vegetables & Sheep’s Yoghurt are among the pickles’ choices.

JP McMahon said, “Tartare is inspired by travel to Copenhagen and all of the dishes draw on a wealth of Irish produce. There are really good oysters, pickles and preserves, with vegetarian and vegan dishes. It’s a celebration of Irish farmhouse cheeses and charcuterie, too.”

Drigin Gaffey, who oversaw the interior design, said, “When in Berlin recently, I loved the relaxed and contemporary feel of the casual eateries there and I thought this style would work really well in Galway, so I married this with International design trends to create a warm and welcoming space with an element of fun.”

Tartare Café + Wine Bar is already open during the daytime from morning time, Monday to Saturday, with the evening menu commencing from the 4th of October. Tartare Café + Wine Bar is located at 56 Lower Dominick Street, West End, Galway, Ireland. Tel +353 (0)91 567 803.


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