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New Specialist Company To Serve Up The Best In Responsible Foodservice Across Ireland

A newly launched foodservice company is aiming to deliver the very best in foodservice, while retaining true to its sustainable and responsible practices. Apleona, the UK and Ireland Facilities Management and Workspace company, has today launched its new FoodSpace division to deliver a holistic foodservice experience to customers across Ireland.The newly developed division will focus on providing high-quality contemporary foodservices underpinned by sustainable practices, either as a standalone caterer or as part of an integrated facilities management model.

Pauline Cox, Director of FoodSpace, brings 20 years’ experience working with both Sodexo and Compass Group to the FoodSpace brand. She said: “The vision for FoodSpace is of being very best foodservice company known for its great food and service, while remaining committed to socially responsible practices having minimal negative impact on the environment, community, or economy. “Our culture is one where our chefs create food that is alive with great flavour and nutrition. We prepare from scratch, using authentic ingredients; while our team has a genuine passion for local and seasonal produce.”

FoodSpace aims to cultivate great relationships with local growers and producers, seeking out suppliers in the areas local to cafes and restaurants who share beliefs in quality fresh produce and ethical, sustainable practices. To assist with this process, FoodSpace has already developed a relationship with the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA).

Pauline Cox added: “We believe in supporting the communities local to our locations by promoting real food and backing the farmers, growers and producers who we believe are doing the right thing. We source locally because we know that provenance and local produce is not only important to us, but also to our clients and customers. So, before we even secure a new customer, we search for the best farmers, growers and producers within 50 miles of their location.”

The FoodSpace ‘50-mile Menu’ feature is a unique dish made from the freshest ingredients that FoodSpace chefs can buy on the day, all from within 50 miles of their kitchen. Chefs are also asked to create their menus drawing on their own personal experiences as inspiration, telling the provenance story through their food.

To ensure consistency of delivery across all existing and future sites, all FoodSpace chefs are personally selected by Executive Chef, Conor Spacey. However, the personal level of service itself is just as important as the food. Pauline explained: “The front of house team take great pride in playing a huge role in the experience of our customers. It’s not just about the food on the plate, but importantly about how and in which way it’s delivered that makes the real difference.

“At our daily menu briefings, each and every one of our front of house team will have tasted each dish. They’ll have learnt about the food stories and the ingredients used to create that day’s balanced menu and they’ll then serve every meal with a ready smile and a willingness to chat about its ingredients, its story and its taste.”

To learn more about FoodSpace please visit www.food-space.com,

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