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International Gold Medal For Thin Gin Among Other Awards For Anchor Spirits

Thin Gin, by Anchor Spirits Ireland, has just won a ‘Gold Outstanding’ award in the Gin & Tonic category of the International Wines and Spirits Competition judged in London this week. The company took a whopping four Medals in total for the three products they currently have on the market. This is a huge achievement for the boutique beverage company headquartered at 33 The Mall in Waterford city. The products will be showcased at a gala dinner in the Guild Hall in London in November of this year.

Nichola Beres

ford, Managing Director of Anchor Spirits said, “We’re really pleased. Thin Gin now has four very well recognised awards, including ‘Best Irish Gin’ and so for all the local bars, restaurants and Off Licences that have been hugely supportive of our endeavours, now they are not just doing it because we’re a local company, but because the products have been recognised nationally and internationally for excellence. This is good for everyone. Thin Gin, Muldoon Irish Whiskey Liqueur and our new Spike Island Spiced Rum have all been recognised individually. It’s a tremendous boost.”

Anchor Spirits Ireland Limited brought Muldoon Irish Whiskey Liqueur to market in 2014. Since then they have grown the company to include two more award winning products and have taken up residence and restored one of Ireland’s most historic buildings; 33 The Mall in Waterford City while plans for a new boutique distillery at another site are well underway.

Broadcasters Timmy Ryan is one of the founding directors of Anchor Spirits Ireland Limited.

Timmy Ryan said, “For us it’s all about the quality of the product and particularly the taste. We really do put ourselves in the shoes of the people who drink our products. If we like how they taste then we know that many other people will like them too and that’s the most important element for us. I’m always delighted to say that I enjoy drinking my own drinks.”

The four IWSC awards won in London were a Silver medal for Spike Island Rum, a Silver Outstanding for Thin Gin, a bronze medal for Muldoon Irish Whiskey Liqueur and a Gold Outstanding award for Thin Gin in the Gin & Tonic category.


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