• Cyril McAree

Veteran Kitchen Assistant Paddy Waves Citywest Goodbye

Citywest Hotel Kitchen Assistant Paddy Byron has just hung up his last pan after 17 years with Ireland’s largest hotel. In a business where high staff turnover is the fact of life, Paddy’s commitment and popularity earned him a surprise retirement party hosted by the Hotels Executive Team, Linda Lockhart, Sean Reid and John’O’Farrell.

Looking back on his time with the hotel, Paddy said what he’ll miss most is the “great bunch of people”. In the high-pressure kitchen environment, his advice to his successor is very simple: “Watch and listen. Learn what everything’s called and where everything is”. Learning the lingo means when you’re asked for a ‘spider’ in a kitchen, “you reach for a wire skimmer - you don’t look for something crawling up the wall!”

Chefs can be hard to please but Paddy says he always stood his ground if he had to. “I’d tell it to them straight. If I was asked to get something and was busy, I’d say I’ll get it - when I get a chance!” Another survival secret was not to do everything at once. “If I saw someone in too much of a hurry, I’d ask them ‘Are you Irish or Russian?’ After they said ‘Irish’, I’d say ‘Then why are you rushin’ around like that – you’ll cause an accident!”

Although dedicated to his Citywest Hotel job, even Paddy had his limits. He recalls once being unexpectedly phoned and asked to cover for someone else. “I said I’d love to but I’d be a bit late for the shift - I was 13,000 miles away in Melbourne, Australia at the time!”

Citywest Hotel’s Commercial Director Sean Reid said “Paddy’s commitment and positive personality perfectly matches the hotel’s approach so it’s not surprising he stayed with us for so long. We’re really grateful to him and wish him all the best for the future”.

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