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Musgrave MarketPlace Announces New Partnership with Dietitian Gillian McConnell

As part of its ongoing commitment to innovation and inspiring healthier choices, Musgrave MarketPlace, Ireland’s leading wholesale supplier to retail, foodservice and SME businesses, has announced a new partnership with dietitian Gillian McConnell. Gillian, a member of the Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute, founded ‘Inside Out Nutrition’ to help people make better lifetime nutritional decisions. Her extensive experience in providing dietary advice to patients with diabetes, IBS, coeliac disease and other conditions requiring special diets lends a unique, specialised skillset for Musgrave MarketPlace customers.

In addition, her keen interest in sports nutrition equips her with expertise to advise both professional and amateur athletes on optimising their performance. Gillian will be working with Musgrave MarketPlace throughout 2017 to help identify current and future trends, provide education on healthier choices and eating as well as bring specific experience to the team. In response to growing demand from customers for a wider variety of healthy products, Musgrave MarketPlace has also announced that it is continuing to expand its ‘free from’ range of products. In the last three years, Musgrave MarketPlace has added over 200 ‘free from’ products to its range, and sales in this category have grown by over 80% in those 3 years. It is anticipated that this figure will increase further in 2017 as more restaurants, hotels and shops begin to offer gluten- and lactose-free alternatives.

The ‘free from’ range is categorised as products that do not contain gluten or dairy as well as healthy alternative snacks. Popular products within this range include gluten-free pasta and noodles, unsalted rice cakes and milk alternatives such as almond, soya and coconut milk. A number of ‘free from’ baking products have also been added to the range as demand for healthier treats increases. The extended offering of ‘free from’ products is now available to customers at the newly refurbished Musgrave MarketPlace store in Ballymun and branches across the country, as well as online through the wholesaler’s online store. Commenting on the announcement, Michelle Fennell, Director of Marketing for Musgrave MarketPlace, said: “We are delighted to welcome Gillian to the team at Musgrave MarketPlace. Her appointment comes at an important time for the business as we expand our ‘free from’ offering, and her expertise in nutrition will help us to provide an improved service to our customers looking to cater for a more health-conscious customer. At Musgrave MarketPlace, we carry out extensive research into food trends to ensure our range reflects the needs of our customers. Just a few years ago, gluten or dairy-free products were solely aimed at those with an allergy, but we have seen these products grow in popularity in the last year. As a nation, we are becoming more health conscious, and many people are actively choosing to eliminate gluten or dairy from their diet as a health choice. Our customers recognise the need to offer gluten and dairy-free alternatives on their menus and in their stores to cater to this.”



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