• Cyril McAree

Kinetic Teams Up With IT Tallaght For 4TH Consecutive Year

Kinetic, the global leader in activating audiences on the move, has teamed up with IT Tallaght for the fourth year running to task third year Marketing and Advertising students to create an Out of Home (OOH) advertising campaign. Students were briefed to build an eye-catching OOH campaign that would persuade advertisers and agencies of the benefits of OOH advertising. Following presentations to a judging panel on Thursday, 4th May, the winning team was announced as Barry Finan (Blessington), Roisin Ryan (Blessington), Emma O’Dowd (Lucan), Tadhg Redmond (Cabra), and Aoife Flynn (Lucan).

IT Tallaght students were challenged with creating a campaign to promote OOH as an attractive and appealing medium for brands. Due to the nature of the brief, students had to conduct extensive primary and secondary research on the OOH market, previous advertising campaigns that had an OOH element and how the formats engage audiences across various demographics. Following this a creative and strategic OOH plan was devised alongside a media plan outlining which formats should be utilised and a rationale was provided for each. To bring the campaign to life, students integrated interactive technologies to their brief.

A stand out element of the winning team’s submission was the successful and creative demonstration of one key benefit of OOH, it cannot be switched off or ignored. The team conducted primary research with various clients, creative and media agencies on what they felt were the major advantages of the medium. Using this insightful information, the team visually reinforced the message based on the research findings and devised the concept of an interactive bus shelter that encouraged people to switch-off the advert. However, much like the medium, passers-by would find that no matter how hard they tried, it was an impossible chore. In conjunction with this, a strong media plan was presented to the Kinetic judging panel combining formats ranging from large billboards, 6 sheets, digital OOH and transport across Dublin Bus, Luas and DART.

Gráinne Dilleen, Communications Director with Kinetic said: “For the fourth year running, Kinetic has teamed up with IT Tallaght to run this exciting project. This was a standout year as students had to approach a B2B brief, delve deep into the theory of OOH advertising and then put it into practise. Students successfully demonstrated a clear and concise understanding of the Out of Home market and effectively persuaded advertisers and agencies of its benefits, which is no easy task! As leaders in contextually connecting with audiences on the move, Kinetic is always interested in new and fresh approaches to briefs and working with the students at IT Tallaght allows us to tap into future media planners’ thought processes.”

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